Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Craniosacral Massage – what is it, and what does it help?

Craniosacral massage craniosacral massage  is a light touch noninvasive therapy used treat adults, young children and infants. This therapy can be used to help treat a variety of dysfunctions including neck and back pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, stroke, fibromyalgia, emotional problems, and numerous other conditions.

The central nervous system keeps health in balance, with the skull and spine communicating with and regulates organs and other bodily processes. When our body is in balance and functioning smoothly, it is said to be at homeostasis. When we are stressed out, whether it’s physical, emotional or psychological, our bodies get off balance and will no longer be in a state of homeostasis. Once stress levels decline, your body will be more in balance and will return to homeostasis.

If you are extremely stressed out about a particular event, or if you are experiencing a buildup of stress, your body will have an extremely hard time returning to homeostasis and will begin to cause a breakdown in communication between the Central nervous systems, organs, and other processes. Most people can ignore the stress and pain from a particular traumatizing event but not everyone has that ability. Bio-dynamic Craniosacral therapists are trained to listen to your body through light therapeutic touch. Therapists listen to rhythmic motions through bodily tissues and fluids to find areas of the body causing stress.

Through this light touching, therapists help you to release long held stresses to improve physical, psychological, and emotional balance. They don’t apply force to correct irregularities in the body, but simply use a variety of soft touches.  As the practitioner is performing the treatment, the bones, joints and relational connective tissue are able to release tension.

Health is organized by an innate intelligence, and professionals provide the guidance to restore connectivity in the body when it can’t be done by one’s self.  The outcome of a craniosacral massage is to promote self-healing by providing safe, desirable conditions to find your bodies balance. 

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