Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What to Expect After Laser Spine Surgery

Having laser spine surgery is a major decision, and doing a lot of research is highly recommended before you go through the surgery. Besides learning everything you can about the food and medication to take or avoid before the procedure, you also need to prepare yourself for the aftermath. What comes after the surgery and how soon will you be able to return to normal schedule? 

One thing you can expect after laser spine surgery is a period of recovery. This involves follow-ups and rehabilitation, especially when there is continued pain. Plan ample time to heal and rehabilitate to hasten the healing process. It is also easier to figure out if a lesion or a different type of problem has arisen that’s causing the pain if you are well rested.

Immediately After the Surgery

When you wake up after surgery, you won’t remember what happened during the operation and you’ll also be a bit groggy. You may have a hard time remembering this period and have a hazy memory of it in the years to come. However, immediately after surgery you should remember the symptoms that led you to a laser spine surgery. These symptoms may either have dissipated or still present, although note that feeling some pain does not necessarily mean that the surgery was a failure.
Be prepared to answer questions about how you feel and describe your condition as accurately as possible. This will determine the course of action to give you as you progress to your recovery.

While In Recovery

Expect a few hours at least to be able to stand on your own due to the after-effects of the surgery. You may be asked to walk a few yards so that the doctor can tell if you are still experiencing any of the symptoms pre-surgery or if there are new symptoms. After months or years of moving around with lots of pain, this moment might surprise you now that pain is gone!

Out of the Clinic

You must have somebody to drive you home because you won’t be allowed to. If that is not possible, stay at a nearby hotel on the day of the surgery. In the coming days, make sure to follow the surgeon’s care instructions and make follow-ups with the clinic about your progress. Report any changes or symptoms to your surgeon immediately. 

In summary, expect the following recovery activities that the surgeon might recommend:

  • Stay at the clinic or hospital for the recommended period (may be hours or days) for full recovery.
  • Treat any pain using medication and ice.
  • Get a lot of rest.
  • Limit any physical activities and movements right after the surgery.
  • Receive back surgery rehabilitation.
  • Undergo physical therapy.
  • Attend follow-up appointments.

No two surgical experiences are the same and what we have given you is just general information of the aftermath of laser spine surgery. Learn more about laser spine surgery and speak to a doctor about your condition for a more specific assessment of your recovery period. Visit http://www.lansingneurosurgery.com for their services or to make an appointment.

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