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Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve in the eye is damaged in a pattern.  Like Cateracts, it can permanently damage vision in the affected eyes, and lead to blindness if untreated.  Glaucoma can be caused by a variety of factors including ethnicity, and genetics.  Luckily there are several treatments for those who suffer with glaucoma.

Medication in the form of glaucoma eye drops can be easily administered to treat glaucoma.  In extreme cases, surgery may be required, which can be both expensive and have side effects.  As necessary as this case may be for some cases, this should be a step taken only after consulting with a physician and often after eye drops have been administered for some time.
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At November 25, 2015 at 3:52 PM , Blogger ventory said...

Hello Patrick, I went to the regular post office mail today to ship the herbal medicine but we had a little problem, they told me they want an approval from the ministry of forestry to confirm the herbs doesn't contain drugs or poison, i traveled to Ministry of forestry in Pretoria which is about an hour away from Johannesburg but when got there they asking for a fee of $210 USD to issue the approval.

If you have to pay $210 USD it will be equivalent to the courier cost, i advice you try and come up $180 USD so i add it to the $290 USD you already sent so i can send through courier service, it will be cheaper, convenient and faster. If you have to use the regular mail delivery Paying $210 USD for approval plus the shipment fee of 290 USD will be more expensive

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